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Fundraising Platform Illustration Process

Fundraising Platform Illustration Concept
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How we help a fundraising platform fire up their goals

This time, our client is an owner of a fundraising platform. The fundraising platform is used to raise funds and donate online. After a discussion, he needs us to help him create an illustration that portrays how they spread kindness.

The Concept

Fundraising Platform Illustration Sketch Concept

When we had a discussion with him, an idea comes up in describing his fundraising platform try to use some characters or people who help each other. They can raise funds or donate online easily. This one will portray how this fundraising platform creates a better world. We always try to understand what the client wants from us and what they expect us to do.

Digital Results

After some discussions and considering the feedback, the next process is to convert the sketches into digital results. This is the most exciting part!

We always involve our clients in every decision-making as much as possible. So that clients also feel how the creative process. Even in this step, we had so many discussions with our clients. This is the result.

Greative Illustration Digital Process

Final Delivery

We try our best to respond to all feedback and finalize all the details. And now, the design is completely done. Here is the final result.

Fundraising Platform Illustration

Fundraising Platform Illustration

Sketch & Digital Comparison
Fundraising Platform Illustration Process Fundraising Platform Illustration Process
Mike Yaylor
Fundraising Activist
They did an amazing job! Helped us in the early discovery phase of creating our sketch and ultimately delivered a great illustration. Will be back!
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