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Look at this awesome Augmented Reality Illustration

Design Process of Augmented Reality Illustration Concept
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About Client

This time a Company asked to make an illustration for their brand-new platform. This augmented reality company works in creating content for e-Commerce and business websites.

How we start

We always start by having a discussion with our clients. In this chance, we try to understand the client’s expectations and find the best way to deliver them. We always share fresh ideas about what we can do for the project. From the discussion, we knew that the clients needed Greative to create an illustration that describes their business and what they do.

The next step

After the ideas and references are collected, then it is time to start sketching. Yay!

We started by drawing a character first and then it will determine the colors and textures for the rest of the elements.

After completing the male character, we moved on to drafting his surroundings. This time, we wanted to draw a man with a futuristic vision related to augmented reality things as the main idea.

Another important part is that we always show the client what we have created to ensure it meets the client’s expectations about the project. After having a discussion with the client, we will continue to the next steps.

The Final results

After the long process and considering the feedback from clients, here we come to convert the sketches into digital results. We never forget to show the clients about the finished project. They like the results and we decided to finalize all the details and wrap it up. And now, the illustration is completely done.

It will always be our pleasure to help our clients meet their goals. Happy clients, happy us.

Sketch & Digital Comparison
Look at this awesome Augmented Reality Illustration Look at this awesome Augmented Reality Illustration
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